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RF wireless repeater

Model: ZZQ8

RF signal repeater. 315/433.92MHz DC12V -108dBm

  Detailed instruction

Repeater is a TX/RX device repeating the RF signal. The RF signal should be:

1) Same frequency to the repeater.

2) Oscillating resistor should be matched with repeater.

This repeater supports PT2262/1.2M, PT2262/2.2M, PT2262/3.3M, PT2262/4.7M, PT2240/1.5M (IC/OSC), and it has learning function, up to learn 100 pcs transmitters. So it can repeater the one learned, to avoid others transmitters.

Technical Data

Working frequency: 315/433.92MHz

working voltage: DC12V

Standby current: 30mA

Working current: <255mA

Receiving sensitivity: -108dBm

Transmitting power: 500mW

Transmitting distance: 1500m in the open area

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Dimension: 100×70×25mm

Antenna: 12×12×80mm

Weight: 160g (include power adapter)


wireless repeater

wireless repeater

wireless repeater

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wireless repeater

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