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999 channels wireless calling receiver (computer version)

Model: ZJ-49PC

With USB port to connect to the computer

  Detailed instruction

Thanks for choosing this wireless calling system. The receiver server use RF wireless and learning code technology. It can pair up to 999 wireless calling transmitter and 1 management remote controller. And the receiver host adopts advanced micro processor and high-sensitivity superheterodyne receiving technology which make the products very stable. Also it has adjustable voice prompt, different calling records display, and LED digital display functions.

The wireless calling system has millions of different code which can be paired easily and freely. And it is widely used in restaurant, café, bar, tea shop, KTV, bank, office, factory, hotel, hospital and so on.

This receiver host can read number 1 to 999, and also can distinguish the room number and desk number (bed number in hospital). It also can connect to the computer by USB cable, install the software to the computer, then the computer can receive the calling information and store it.

Technical Data

Working frequency: 433.92MHz

Working voltage: DC12V/2A power supply

Standby current: 200mA

Working current: 650mA

Decoding mode: learning code

Modulation: AM

Receiving sensitivity: -110dBm

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Product size: 410x158x45mm


computer receiver

computer receiver

computer calling system

Products Photos

photo of ZJ-49PC

photo of ZJ-49PC

photo of ZJ-49PC

photo of ZJ-49PC

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